Welcome to FancyMe! We are launching Community Guidelines to enhance your personal experiences and safeguard your right to free expression, while also ensuring the wider community is protected and respected.

FancyMe is dedicated to fostering a community where all Users have the freedom to express themselves and engage in open discussions on any topic of their choosing. Our platform serves as a space to highlight a variety of content and creativity, offering Users access to a broad spectrum of materials for enjoyment. However, to achieve this, it is imperative that all Users behave in a manner that is respectful, honest, and just.

Users failing to comply with our Community Guidelines will face suspension from using the Platform. Any activity or content not in alignment with our Community Guidelines will be removed from the Platform. We recognize that fiction often explores boundaries to reflect on reality and may be seen as provocative by some while being entirely acceptable to others; in such cases, public sharing will still be allowed but will be filtered through a safety and sensitivity content screen.

We see AI as a catalyst for creating immersive entertainment and speculative fiction. With FancyMe’s technology, Users can follow and enjoy characters that spring to life. Our ambitions extend beyond, aiming to create a unified universe where AI characters and humans interact and collaborate. Our platform is committed to promoting creativity and sharing within the realm of AI-generated Characters. To guarantee a secure, welcoming, and pleasant environment for all, we have instituted the Community Guidelines outlined below for the public sharing of characters. By engaging with FancyMe, you consent to adhere to these guidelines.

Respect and Inclusivity

  1. Privacy Respect: Refrain from disclosing personal details of others without their explicit permission. This encompasses, but is not limited to, actual names, physical locations, contact details, and private conversations.
  2. Zero Tolerance for Bullying or Harassment: Engaging in acts of bullying, threats, or harassment towards other users is strictly prohibited. This includes the publication of characters designed to ridicule, frighten, or belittle others, as well as characters that advocate violence against individuals or groups based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or health conditions.

Creative Integrity

  1. Authenticity: Ensure that your creative works are original. Honor the intellectual property rights of others and avoid violating anyone’s copyrights or trademarks.
  2. Avoidance of Misinformation: Refrain from creating or disseminating characters or stories that aim to mislead. This includes the propagation of falsehoods and the creation of deceptive or fictitious characters. Regarding the latter, as communicated in ToS and elsewhere, one of the FancyMe core functionalities is AI created profiles and characters. The main distinction here is that there always needs to be transparency whether the content is based on AI or real-world entities. 
  3. Suitable Content: While we encourage creative expression, all content, including character designs and storylines, must be suitable for a wide-ranging audience. Publicly shared characters must not contain explicit pornographic material.

Community Participation

  1. Report Infringements: Should you come across content that breaches these guidelines, we urge you to report it. Our community’s vigilance is key in preserving a secure environment.
  2. Repercussions: Infringing these guidelines may lead to the deletion of content, suspension of accounts, or a permanent ban from FancyMe.
  3. Open to Feedback and Support: Your insights are invaluable to us. For proposals or if you require assistance, please reach out to our support team.

Hate speech

  1. We support the principle of free expression and acknowledge that certain opinions and viewpoints might be unsettling or offensive to some. Nonetheless, we unequivocally prohibit any form of speech that instigates, promotes, or endorses animosity towards any group based on ethnicity, religion, gender, or any other shared identity characteristics.
  2. You are strictly forbidden from posting or uploading any User Content that is hateful. This policy is absolute and without exceptions.
  3. User Content will be deemed hateful if it advocates for or desires violence or physical harm against specific groups of people, calls for the exclusion or segregation of certain groups, or includes derogatory slurs aimed at demeaning or dehumanizing specific groups.

Other important guidelines

As a condition of being granted access to the Platform and the Services, you agree:

  1. that it is forbidden to share sexually explicit content featuring participants who have not consented to their involvement, such as intimate images or videos of individuals who did not know they were being recorded or did not agree to participate.
  2. that you are prohibited from sharing sexually explicit User Content with other Users who have not explicitly expressed their desire to receive such content from you, whether by subscribing to your User Content or via direct communication. This prohibition extends to sharing intimate images of yourself.
  3. that the Platform expressly prohibits any content which glorifies, encourages, or seeks to recruit individuals to participate in terrorism or other extremist activity. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  4. that you are not permitted to use the Platform for the upload of any content that is illegal within your jurisdiction. To clarify, this encompasses content that promotes the sale of goods/services illegal in the jurisdiction of either the buyer or seller, content that solicits sexual activities with individuals under the age of consent, content aimed at bullying, harassing, threatening, or intimidating others, and content that advocates or supports suicide or self-harm (including eating disorders).
  5. to refrain from posting or transmitting any material, including User Content, that violates these Community Guidelines;
  6. to avoid using the Platform or Service in any manner that promotes, solicits, organizes, endorses, facilitates, or engages in human trafficking, sex trafficking, child exploitation, physical abuse, violence, brutality, rape, or any form of non-consensual sexual activity, and to acknowledge that participation in or membership of any groups opposing human trafficking and/or child exploitation is strictly prohibited;
  7. to not utilize the Platform or Service illegally, for any unlawful purposes, in a way that contradicts these Community Guidelines, or in a fraudulent or harmful manner, such as by seeking unauthorized access to the Platform or its servers, hacking into the Platform, or introducing malicious software, like viruses, or harmful data, into the Platform, any Service, or any operating system;
  8. to not use the Platform or Service to offer, solicit, organize, or partake in any activities or arrangements that are illegal or encourage illegality, including but not limited to, advertising, distributing, or promoting escort services, illicit drugs (or paraphernalia for illegal drugs), methods of producing drugs, illegal firearms, or other prohibited weapons;
  9. to not violate our rights or those of any third party concerning your use of the Platform or any Service, including but not limited to, infringement of Intellectual Property Rights, contractual rights, confidentiality rights, human rights, privacy rights, and any other rights under applicable law;

To sum up, establishing community guidelines is crucial for fostering a secure and welcoming space where individuals can educate themselves, develop, and work collectively. It is imperative that each member of the community acquaint themselves with these guidelines and actively participate in upholding them.

Adhering to these guidelines allows us to maintain FancyMe as a safe and respectful platform for all members, no matter the nature of the media shared.

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