FancyMe is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform dedicated to the generation of AI-created content. Our platform is designed to utilize sophisticated AI algorithms to create images, text messages and transformations that, while visually inspired by user inputs, are not direct reproductions and do not correspond to any real individuals.

In acknowledgment of the provisions set forth in 18 U.S.C. § 2257, which mandate specific record-keeping for producers of sexually explicit material, FancyMe operates in a distinct capacity. Our platform does not produce content in the traditional sense but rather provides the means for the transmission, storage, and retrieval of AI-generated depictions. The operator’s activities are confined to the management of content posted by users in designated areas of the website that are within the user’s control. We voluntarily uphold a system for recording potential violations identified by our proactive monitoring system. Our utmost priority is to prevent the dissemination of content that could be construed as involving real individuals or violating age restrictions.

While FancyMe’s operations are based outside the jurisdiction of United States law, we voluntarily adopt the ethos of 18 U.S.C. § 2257 to affirm our dedication to user safety and legal compliance. We maintain a policy of non-indulgence in explicit or pornographic content creation and ensure that our AI-generated content complies with all applicable age restriction laws by not representing any real individuals.

Users of FancyMe must, along with reading and agreeing the restrictive Terms of Service, warrant that any content they engage with on our platform is non-real and AI-generated, not portraying any identifiable individuals or explicit acts. The responsibility for adhering to all legal standards and respecting third-party rights, including but not limited to privacy and intellectual property rights, rests with the users(Creators).

We conduct routine oversight to prevent misuse of our services and are prepared to enforce our policies rigorously, including the removal of content that does not adhere to our guidelines. FancyMe responds promptly to any legal concerns and does not knowingly allow content that contravenes legal stipulations to persist on the platform.

Misuse of any of our services may lead to consequences, including potential legal liability. We reserve the right to review and remove any content deemed inappropriate or in violation of these guidelines. We strive to respond appropriately to complaints and do not knowingly permit illegal content to remain on our platform.

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